Maintenance factory


Maintenance Factory

We strive to keep customers who have snow plows and construction machines for a long time

We hope that you can use your purchased machine for a long time with confidence

We have a maintenance factory in our company, we support customer's precious vehicles firmly by legal inspection, maintenance using diagnostic machines etc.

We hope that you can use your purchased machine for a long time with confidence. For that purpose, it is necessary to check the health status of the machine by regular maintenance and inspection.  We are not just sell it, as well as leave the periodic inspection to our company

About maintenance

We are a dependable entity when the machine breaks down

We have the maintenance factory in our company, we are able to do from sale to inspection and repair. The life of the construction machine is long, it is made strong, but sudden troubles and breakdowns are inherent. In case of failure, we will respond with extensive experience and advanced technology.

We aim for sincere correspondence

We aim to respond promptly and with sincerity so as not to keep customers waiting in daily work. If you have trouble with your machine, you can rush right away, even if you repair machinery you purchased at other companies, this kind of accumulation leads to trust.

Check the customer voice

We support the lifetime of every machine

From purchasing a new car to maintenance and repair, selling it when it becomes unnecessary, we can do all of the machine on one stop. It not just sells, it keeps close to the lifetime of customers and machines. If you are a snow removal vehicle / construction machine please consult Knitke of trust.