NITTOC Co., Ltd have various wheel loader, snowplow, and other construction machines.
We deal with all kind of construction equipment.

1.Used Machine

We will make proposals to purchase used construction machines with peace of mind

After purchase, we are inspecting and servicing used snow removal vehicles and construction machines handled by our company at our own factory. We do not sell what we bought as it is, since it sells to customers after using it for 1- 2 years after inspection, you can use it safely and securely after purchase.

We will release the repair history to your desired customers.

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Best recommended

  • CAT_910E

    • Inquiry No.:12967
    • Built Year: 
    • Working:5471Hr
  • TCM_840

    • Inquiry No.:12961
    • Built Year:11/1993
    • Working:3746Hr
  • Niigata Transys-NR656

    • Inquiry No.:20425
    • Built Year:10/1996
    • Working:829Hr
  • 日本除雪機製作所_HTR262


    • Inquiry No.:20409
    • Built Year:10/1998
    • Working:2881Hr
  • CAT_924G


    • Inquiry No.:12934
    • Built Year: 
    • Working:4825Hr

2.About NITTOC

The advantages of NITTOC

We are selling CAT's new car hydraulic excavators and wheel loaders as members of Royal partner of Caterpillar Japan LLC.

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3.Maintenance Factory

We will make proposals that our support

We have a maintenance factory in our company, we support customer's precious vehicles firmly by legal inspection, maintenance using diagnostic machines etc.

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Nittoc have various wheel loader, snowplow, and other construction machines.

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